windows/linux ftp question... ws_ftp/proftpd

bruce bedouglas at
Sun Jun 11 20:58:42 UTC 2006


i've got a windows ftp client "ws_ftp (le)" that i'm using to connect to my
linux box running (i think) proftpd. both boxes are behind the firewall,
although they are both going through a switch...

i was able to get (once) a throughput of ~600-700KBs for a few of the files.
(i'm moving some ISO files) however, for the most part, i can only get up to
~65KBs on a consistent basis...

within the ws_ftp client i do have a recieve/trasmit buffer size that i've
played with with no luck. i also notice that when looking at the client, i
see the port seems to be changing with every file that i send. i would have
thought the ftp port would have stayed at "21".

i can't seem to find a way/reason for not being able to get a much higher
throughput on a sustainable manner...

any real thoughts/ideas would be helpful....

transferring a couple of Gig of information at 50KBs is really painful...



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