FC4 or FC5

Sam Chen dreamcarrior at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 21:47:17 UTC 2006

I think GPL is great in that it publicly respects the inventors who
creatively invent the tools and drivers for users who are willing to
pay for it and thus generates profits for the commercial community and
the inventors so that part of the community will be sustained and
grown. The other aspect of the GPL license is that when the inventors
who happen not to be the mainstream and have some great (either
successful or awkward) ideas which they do not know if the mainstream
world would accept it and pay for it, they can still distribute the
ideas freely to the free world. One is to run some experiments to see
if the new ideas and/or services will be accepted or rejected, and the
other is fixing the ideas until they are mature to become a
profit-generating-hulk. Surely that when a product is in its
experimental stage, no one would like to pay for it. When we are
talking about MS windows, there got to be some fees involved; and the
beta users do not like the fees. If it is a free world, ie. the Linux
world, users do not pay for their distributions and they tend to devote
more time in configuring the system and also the software. Users in the
Linux world also tend to provide more feedback to the programmers than
the counterpart (MS windows) since it is a community in which everyone
is trying the new idea and fixing the problems encountered. In the same
process, the inventors get the idea of how to make their inventions
better until they mature. The mature products are then incorporated
into a package or ported to other platforms either through the
commercial community or marginal fees requested by the inventors. Since
we are the pioneers to test the cutting-edge tools, we definitely will
encounter problems; and this is the case for all inventing world. We
should be grateful to the inventors who share their ideas and also the
community which create the place for everyone to have a part in the
developing world.

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