Firefox eats all my processor power

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sun Jun 18 13:39:42 UTC 2006

Nigel J. Terry 
>>> I also have a problem with firefox eating all of my cpu. It
>>> only happens with some pages, try:

Guillermo Garron:
>> I have tried that page and my procesor goes to 47%, but when i tried
>> the same on Opera, goes justo to 7%, so give Opera a try, i really
>> dont know why Opera uses less micro power on almost all kind of pages.

Aaron Konstam:
> That is really strange. When google is loaded 7% of the cpu is used,
> but when the site above is loaded 78% of the cpu is used by firefox.
> Very strange.

Nothing really strange about it, the page is more complex than Google.
Turn off page styling, and it requires less from your system to render
it.  Pages with scripting, lots of graphics, or complex styling, etc.,
will require more grunt to display.  Some will bring a system to its
knees when you scroll the page, particularly those with fixed position
items (background or foreground).

I haven't tried that page with Opera, nor tried Opera for a while, but
different browsers will use different techniques for rendering their
pages, and Opera did have a reputation for being more lightweight when I
tried it on Windows a few years ago.  They may have a more efficient way
of doing what that page asks it to do.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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