ftp souce code?

Don Russell fedora at drussell.dnsalias.com
Wed Jun 21 16:12:31 UTC 2006

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> Don Russell wrote:
>> That's cool... I just d/l the .rpm file.... now I'm trying to see how I
>> can just extract the individual files into a folder, without actually
>> installing it (again)
> If you use mc (Midnight Commander) you can just press enter when the
> cursor is on the rpm and you will be able to enter the rpm as it was
> a directory (so, you can easily copy the file somewhere).

Thanks, I got the files unpackaged, by going to the physical location of 
my Linux box (upstairs. lol) 
Normally I do my linux work via a putty client from my windows 
machine... and I don't have any of the nice GUI things available. :-) 
Everything is CLI...

(That is on my list of things to do.... I should be able to run an X 
window on my MS box and be just as it I were at the physical linux 
box... time... time... time...)

Anyway... after looking at the source code.. yes, this is something I 
can correct, so I'll have a look at the post from Stuart about 
installing the source rpm and rebuilding the package etc....


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