Ten Reasons To *NOT* Use ZFS:

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 23 15:09:32 UTC 2006

Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 23Jun2006 01:50, Keith G. Robertson-Turner <fedora-gmane.00002 at genesis-x.nildram.co.uk> wrote:
> | Kevin Kofler wrote:
> | >> 11. Sun is trying to patent Mathematics.
> | >> See http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/coconut-environment/ under "Patent Issues".
> | > 
> | > PS: Maybe providing the anchor would help. ;-)
> | > http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/coconut-environment/#patents
> | > Sorry.
> | 
> | Good God! They can't be serious?
> Shrug. Software patents. They are ALL based on patenting algorithms.
> These may be a little more obviously "mathematics", but don't seem
> fundamentally different.

My response exactly. It's not an attempt to "patent Mathematics".
It's an attempt to patent applications of mathematics to a process.
Different thing. In principle, no different from the LZW patent.

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