evolution locks up on certain messages[Scanned]

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at webtrek.com
Fri Jun 23 23:56:10 UTC 2006

Aaron Konstam wrote:

> All this is a real mystery to me. I use evolution every day and I find
> it works well. There must be some hardware relared factor here that
> needs to be looked into,

	It's not HW, I can tell you that.  Ev will act the same way on any
system I've ever used it on.  It works just fine then all of a sudden it
hangs and sucks up all the memory it can.  Finally it crashes and I can
restart it and keep on going.  This was happening to me a minimum of
once a day.  That, the idiotic virtual trash and junk folders plus the
removal of every little capability that made using it useful finally got
to much for me.  I haven't used Outlook in nearly a decade so I can't
comment on it but I get the feeling that the developers are trying to
make Ev as Outlook as possible.  Well, they are getting there.  It sucks
royally now.


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