Question about the verify option of RPM

John DeDourek dedourek at
Wed May 3 13:45:48 UTC 2006

John DeDourek wrote:

> Running Fedora Core 4 and Fedora Core 5.
> Using the "verify" option of rpm ("rpm -V -v -a") gives a
> line for each package beginning with 9 characters; each
> of these characers is either a "." or a letter.
> However, consulting "man rpm" indicates, under "VERIFY OPTIONS"
> indicates that the line begins with 8 characters; each
> being either "." or one of the letters "SM5DLUGT".
> The ninth character is the verify output is either "." or "C".
> Note that this ninth character in the first word on the line
> is distinct from the following "possible attribute marker",
> which, when it appears is one of the letters "cdglr".
> Two questions:
> What is the meaining of the ninth character ("C" or ".")?
> Should this be reported as a bug against "man rpm"?

Ooops.  Should have looked first.  Bugzilla 120464.  Kindly
ignore the second question about reporting the bug.

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