Azureus Firewalled

David Timms dtimms at
Fri May 5 13:09:58 UTC 2006

Ali Helmy wrote:
> Hey mates,
> I downloaded and installed the latest Azureus Bit-Torrent client, and
> installed it with all the default configuration... Now it picked port 36814
> by itself, but now when I run it, even though it works and downloads fine,
> it pops-up a message saying
> "Warning If you have a router/firewall please check that you have port 
> 36814
> UDP open. Decentralised tracking requires this"
> So is this a problem with my firewall settings, or is it my router and what
> can I do to fix it?
The UDP port is needed for DHT (distributed host tracking) {more 
efficient ?}. I've noticed that it takes some time before the DHT 
indicator in the status bar goes green.
You should do the NAT test (for the same port number but TCP).

This is probably blocked by default on your firewall/router, and also in 
FC4/FC5 firewall (iptables).

In FC Security Level and Firewall, add TCP/36814 and UDP/36814 as 
allowed incoming connections.
Also, on the nat router, create a port forward between public port for 
TCP and UDP to map to the private (internal) ip address of your PC.


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