[FC5] Chinese fonts

M.Lewis cajun at cajuninc.com
Sat May 6 06:42:10 UTC 2006

Ed Greshko wrote:
> M.Lewis wrote:
>> From what I've read about this issue, it is a problem with KDE (which I
>> am using). But I've also read that it only affects the console. This
>> leads me to believe the browser (firefox) and mail clients (t'bird) do
>> not have this issue.
> It affects more than just konsole.  Other KDE apps have the issue.
>> Actually, this is not the case here. I see the problem in Firefox,
>> Tbird, and the console.
>> A snippet from Firefox is:
>> ?????????????? · ASP???? · ???????????
>> Now this really isn't a big deal to me because I couldn't read it even
>> if it were displayed properly. Still, I'd like to have something other
>> than the little blocks displayed.
>> Any suggestions ?
> Did you "yum groupinstall chinese-support"?

No, I did not. Will that allow the Chinese characters to be displayed 
(even though I can't read them)?

What else might this effect ?


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