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Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Wed May 10 02:22:00 UTC 2006

At 12:12 PM +1000 5/10/06, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>On 08May2006 14:45, Tony Nelson <tonynelson at> wrote:
>| At 8:50 AM -0700 5/8/06, Brian D. McGrew wrote:
>| >Back in 'ye olden days, we used to have a customized version of bash
>| >that recognized '/' as a word separator; which was very nice when
>| >editing command lines, a CTRL-W would not erase your whole typed path,
>| >just back to the slash.
>| Man bash shows "COMP_WORDBREAKS" as the relevent variable to set.  (Don't
>| unset it.)  See "man bash", and search for "readline".  So:
>| does it.  To have it every time, put that line in ~/.bashrc.
>Seems to have no effect for me. I'm testing with bash-3.0 on Fedora Core
>4. Should I expect this to affect ^W? One reason I prefer zsh is that
>it will stop ^W at a slash, which I find very useful.

Don't know.  It affects Ctrl-Left Arrow here.  I don't use Ctrl-W.

Have you printed COMP_WORDBREAKS to make sure it's set properly?
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