don't see kuser

Antonello PAPA anto.papa at
Wed May 10 17:27:07 UTC 2006

Yes mayby there isn't.
How can i install or there is any ather grafic interface to manage users 
and theri quota?
Sorry for my bad english and taks.

At 20.09 09/05/06, you wrote:
>Antonello PAPA wrote:
> > i'm a new user of linux.
> > I would like to use kuser for quota of the user.
> > on my system with FC4 I can't see kuser in kde and also in gnome.
> > I have installed kadmin, and i see kdat.
> > Any Idea?
>Fedora Core's kdeadmin pkg omits kuser.  Not sure why.
>-- Rex
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