Empty boot.log

John DeDourek dedourek at unb.ca
Thu May 11 22:30:34 UTC 2006

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

> So basically, I need to boot, then immediate check /var/log/dmesg ?

You can either:
-- boot and then immediately type
   which is a utility that shows the latest ???K of kernel messages, 
which should be
   all the boot messages if you do it before there are too many other 
messages from
   the kernel
-- boot and anytime before the next boot type
    cat /var/log/dmesg
    or whatever scheme you use to look at a text file.  This shows the 
file that
   "remembers" what "/sbin/dmesg" produced shortly after boot.

If you are familiar with shell scripts, there is a script that runs 
shortly after boot that
does something like
    /sbin/dmesg  >  /var/log/dmesg

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