mplayer problems

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sun May 14 19:44:19 UTC 2006

On Sun May 14 2006 3:12 pm, Gene Heskett wrote:
> But I was able to get yumex to fix it, by letting it delete the
> dependencies too, and then reinstall it all from livna.  Hopefully this
> till get it back among the living.

Gene: If you still have trouble with Livna's mplayerplug-in, try the one from 
I had a similar problem which turned out to have two sources, one being some 
strange conflict between mplayer and my ATI driver from Livna related to 
Selinux; the other was the Livna mplayerplug-in. The ATI problem was supposed 
to have been fixed, but I haven't tried it, yet - I had dealt with that one 
by turning Selinux off, temporarily. I don't know if the mplayerplug-in 
difference between the sourceforge download and Livna's was resolved. 
Installing the one from Sourceforge after removing the Livna one, got me 
going a couple of weeks ago. 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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