FC5 xorg and dual head

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Mon May 15 09:33:06 UTC 2006

> The compatibility you claim exists is only for things
> bundled for the distribution or rebuilt to match the
> things that change on a whim.  It's not there for
> third party add-ons or things you've built yourself.

Compatibility IS there for such third party applications - You just have to 
know what compat libraries you need for yum and install them by hand before 
installing your app.

I guess then the real issue is in this case you have to know what to install, 
and that can be non-obvious. 

I might be wrong, since it was a while since I installed FC5, but is there not 
an option during package selection to install legacy support ? If so, I would 
imagine just selecting this would give all you need ? 

It seems our main difference of opinion is based around whether it is 
installed by default or not. I say support is there, since the libraries are 
available if needed. You say it isn't as these libraries are not installed by 
default. I guess we have to agree to disagree here.


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