Good Bye FC5

Russell Golden dragonite.wylie at
Tue May 16 21:21:57 UTC 2006

Todd Zullinger wrote:

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>Russell Golden wrote:
>>While we're on this subject, is there a way on the newer Nautilus to
>>keep everything in one window like the older Shrike versions and not
>>open a new window for each folder?
>Yes.  In the nautilus preferences, check the "Always open in browser
>windows" box on the Behavior tab.
>You can also add the --browser option to a nautilus launcher to get a
>browser window instead of the spatial view.
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something else that bugs me. If I upgrade from Shrike to FC4, I get the 
regular console startup stuff. If I install FC4 from scratch, I get a 
graphical thing during boot, and i have to press one of the buttons to 
see what's going on. when your machine only has dual P2's this doesn't 
work too well. Is there a way to install from scratch and get the 
console boot thing like there was in Shrike?

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