setting a password less ssh connection

Alex White ethericalzen at
Fri May 19 18:06:40 UTC 2006

hicham wrote:
> Hello
> I'm having trouble to set a passwordless ssh connection between many pcs ,
> I've found lot on the web about exchanging public keys but i still
> cannot make it password less
> thanks
> hicham

The key I believe, is to make sure that when you are generating your
keys, that you do not enter a password; simply hit enter/return.

Also, SSH requires particular permissions for the directories after
you've exchanged the keys. So make sure you have .ssh set to 600 I
believe it is. 644  should be fine for the actual files within .ssh/
directory. That is what my permissions are and it does work.

Are you running into any particular problems? Aside of course from
it not working as you expect.


Alex White

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