Fax/answering machine software?

Daniel Hedlund daniel at digitree.org
Sun May 21 18:04:08 UTC 2006


Have a look at the following software.  It's callled vgetty and turns a 
voice modem into an answering machine:

There are a few frontends to vgetty, TkVoice appearing to be one of the 
more popular:

You can also try searching Freshmeat.net, which seems to have quite a 
few results related to answering machines under Linux:

You'll probably need a modem with voice support that works under Linux 
which might be hard to find.

Hope this helps,

Daniel Hedlund
daniel at digitree.org

Thomas Cameron wrote:
> All -
> Has anyone set up this combo?  I am familiar with mgetty and friends 
> doing fax work, but I wondered if there was a software set that was 
> smart enough to tell when a voice call comes in and records it as a 
> voice mail vs. a fax call being saved as a tiff or whatever.
> Thomas

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