FC4 rmmod does not work

Daniel Hedlund daniel at digitree.org
Sun May 21 19:12:02 UTC 2006

> Looking in the log, I find that the driver is removed and directly inserted
> again.
What is the driver module that is being reloaded?  Check if there is a 
line for the driver module in /etc/modprobe.conf.  If there is, try 
removing or commenting the line out with a '#'.  If there isn't, you may 
be able to override the the settings or stop it from loading.  You could 
type 'man modprobe.conf' and look for the 'remove' command in the man 
page; if that doesn't help, you can override the command to load that 
particular module and change it to something else (see 'install' command 
in the man page).


Daniel Hedlund
daniel at digitree.org

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