cups 1.2 printing [FINALLY SOLVED]

kwhiskers kwhiskers at
Wed May 24 16:50:29 UTC 2006

Some may have noticed that since about last Thursday, ie, since the
cups-1.2series came out, it has no longer been possible to reach the
printer, hence
it is impossible to print or even to set up a printer. Even with yesterdays
updated cups 1.2, the problem persisted.

The solution is simple, but must be done for each user.

Open KDE Control Centre/Peripherals/Printers. Click on Print
manager/Configure Manager. Scroll down to Cups Server. In the host line, you
will likely see /var/run/cups/cups.sock. This must be changed to localhost,
no slashes. Do this for all users and then restart the cups server or log
out and back in (I didn't try these), or just reboot (I did this), and it is
now all fine.

All of the suggestions of the necessity to rebuild cups oneself from source,
that the new cups now uses hp:/ and not usb:/ etc, are false. This is what
the problem was.

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