DVD playing on Linux

Stephen Mirowski spmirowski at shaw.ca
Thu May 25 19:47:39 UTC 2006

Karl Larsen wrote:
>    I have burned hours of time trying to get FC4 to play a simple 
> commercial DVD in my DVD player on this computer. I can put the DVD in 
> my laptop with Windows XP and it automatically comes up with the movie 
> starting.
>    I realize the movie industry has been very bad about things and the 
> work towards getting a DVD reader for Linux is being done in Europe 
> away from the goons in Hollywood.
>    Totem comes up saying I don't have "libdvdcss" so it can't work. 
> Xine says it can't even get to the DVD because /dev/dvd/ is root only.
>    Yes I tried to yum the lib and it can't find it. I have done 
> everything the good web page
> http://stanton-finley.net/fedora_core_4_installation_notes.html
> has done I have done. Still it all does not work. I have loaded Totem, 
> Xine and Mplayer and all three do not work.
> Karl

Did you install libdvdcss?  Most commercial DVDs are encrypted.


I usually grab the srpm and rebuild it for max performance, but the 
regular rpm should work.  This is also available from yum if you have 
livna or fresh repos added to your list.

Stephen Mirowski

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