Screen Savers?

Stephen Mirowski spmirowski at
Fri May 26 19:47:24 UTC 2006

Troy Bull wrote:
> Greetings:
> I have just upgraded to Fedora Core 5 and I notice I hardly have any 
> screen savers.  There used to be many screen savers and I just set it 
> to random, it was quite nice.  Does anyone know off the top of your 
> head how I can get them all back?
> Thanks
> Troy
In a previous thread of this list, you will find all that info.  It 
involves deinstalling gnome screensaver and install the x screensaver 
packages.  Not only does x package have more screensavers, but there is 
more functionality and control.  I found the gnome ones to video 
card/cpu intensive to run on my laptop, too.


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