Firefox Doesnt Work Anymore

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Sat May 27 09:22:10 UTC 2006

On 5/27/06, Me2resh Lists <me2resh.lists at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> i have just installed fedora core 5 yesterday
> after the fresh install, i did yum update
> all the updates were downloaded and installed successfully, and since that
> firefox doesnt work anymore, when i click on its icon, i get in the lower
> bar "openning web browser" then it disappears and nothing happens, i
> uninstalled firefox and installed it again, but the same problem
> i opened mozilla and it worked successfully, but i need firefox
> can anyone help me ?
> any help would be appreciated
> thanks
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The information you give is a bit scanty.

Probably a good place to start is the site.

I will make some guesses.

1. The firefox application is permissioned improperly for your user.  From a
terminal you can use "updatedb" as root (do an "su" and provide the root
password when prompted) and then "locate" to find the application (probably
at /usr/bin/firefox).  Actually the list from "locate firefox" will be quite
long so do a "locate firefox > lfirefox" followed by a "less firefox" to
find the application.  I can see the permissions by doing an "ls -l

If you do not understand permissions see:

2. Your icon "launcher" is not connected to the firefox application.  If the
icon is on the panel right click it and select "properties".  If you are
getting there from the panel "Applications > Internet > Firefox" then drag a
copy of the luncher there to the panel or desktop and right click it as

Check to see that your $PATH will allow access to the firefox applicaion as
seen in the launcher above.  See:

3. SElinux (the security manager) is not allowing the program to run for
your user. Try running firefox as root.  If it runs then consider going to
"Desktop > System Settings > Security Level" and consider changing to
non-enforceing.  I would recommend googleing SElinux and spending some time
in the man pages before messing with SElinux.

4. In your home directory (mine is /home/tod) you should find a folder
called ".mozilla" (if using Filebrowser you will need to click on "view" and
then "show hidden files") and under that "firefox".  Check in these for a
"lock" file (unlikely the problem here) or that the firefox application
owner (a permissions issue as mentioned above) is differant from that of the
above mentioned folder or thier subdirectories.

5. Look through the "lfirefox" file generated by the "locate firefox
> lfirefox" mentioned above and see if you have a "versions" issue (you
would see a couple of versions of firefox mentioned in the file and folder
names and then see that a firefox configuratin file (check the
/home/yourdirectory/.mozilla/firefox directory and subdirectories) pointed
to the wrong version.  Do a "man firefox" from a terminal for more
information on firefox configruation.

Frankly it is late here, has been a long week for me and I tend to get very
creative but not very helpful in that state.  I hope I have not sent you on
too many wild chases.

Good Hunting!

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