kwallet vs kmail, will somebody please shoot one of them?

Timothy Murphy tim at
Mon Nov 20 12:51:47 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 16:44, Gene Heskett wrote:

> >I've certainly had problems with kwallet in the past.
> >I see from my records that I last met this in January 2006 (was that
> > FC-4?) when I wrote:
> >-------------------------------------
> >Apologies - I was right-clicking on the wallet in the task bar,
> >which took me to KDE Wallet Manager,
> >which appears to have no password option.
> >But when I left click on the icon,
> >I get a different window with the same name,
> >but with a wallet icon on it.
> >When I right-click on this icon,
> >I am indeed offered an option to change the password.
> >
> >I have taken advantage of this to reduce the password to nothing.
> >-------------------------------------
> >
> >I don't know if this is relevant to FC-6,
> >as I have had no kwallet problem since then.
> I started it from the kmenu, which brought up the icon adjacent to the
> date/time on the taskbar.  A right click on that brought up a menu and I
> chose configuration.
> checking the enable button unghosted the rest of the options and I chose
> to create a pair of .wallet files.  And while it went thru the motions, I
> don't believe they were created as they didn't show up when selecting the
> default wallet for that function.  I've just prowled thru the .kde tree
> and found a .kde/share/apps/kwallet/kwallet.kwl file, 60 bytes of binary
> data, and its dated about 50 hours ago when it last crashed/rebooted the
> box.
> There is also a .kde/share/config/kwalletrc, which looks like this:
> -------------
> [Wallet]
> Close When Idle=false
> Close on Screensaver=false
> Default Wallet=
> Enabled=false
> First Use=false
> Idle Timeout=10
> Launch Manager=true
> Leave Manager Open=false
> Leave Open=false
> Local Wallet=
> Prompt on Open=false
> Use One Wallet=false
> --------------

For what it is worth, mine says
[tim at martha ~]$ cat .kde/share/config/kwalletrc
[Auto Allow]

Close When Idle=false
Close on Screensaver=false
Default Wallet=kdewallet
First Use=false
Idle Timeout=10
Launch Manager=true
Leave Manager Open=true
Leave Open=false
Prompt on Open=true
Use One Wallet=true

However, I've verified that on my FC-6 system,
the recipe I gave above seems to work.
If I say "kwalletmanager" this brings up a wallet icon in my panel.
If I LEFT click on this icon, a window with a wallet icon comes up.
If I RIGHT click on THIS icon, I am asked if I want to change 
my wallet password.

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