Timezone weirdness on dual boot machine

Benjamin Franz snowhare at nihongo.org
Wed Nov 1 02:53:40 UTC 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, David Scriven wrote:

> I'm running FC6 & Win XP on a dual boot machine - Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel 965 chipset
> There a weird situation with the clock which shows up when I go from  FC6 to Win XP
> and back. If the clock is correct in FC6 and you go to XP the clock is eight hours fast. 
> If it is then corrected and you go back to FC6, it is eight hours slow. The zones are set 
> correctly for both systems - Pacific Time zone = GMT-8, so my guess is that FC6 is not 
> correctly interpreting the timezone info when reading the system clock.
> Anybody else come across this? - Is there something that I should set (or check
> whether it's been set)?

The problem is that your Linux install is assuming the system hardware 
clock is in GMT while XP is assuming it is in your local timezone. The 
solution is to set the Linux side to assume your system hardware clock is 
in your local timezone.

I'm not in front of my FC6 install at the moment so I can't be sure of the 
details, but it should be under 'Applications' -> 'System Settings' -> 
'Date & Time' in the 'Timezone' tab of the dialog. Uncheck 'System Clock 
uses UTC'. That should put a stop to the clock changes.

Benjamin Franz

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