too many open files. How to increase the limit

Ambrogio fn050202 at
Thu Nov 2 07:23:22 UTC 2006

Il giorno mer, 01/11/2006 alle 21.32 -0500, Joe Smith ha scritto:

> I don't think this will work. Ulimit sets limits for the shell that 
> executes the command and any processes that are subsequently started by 
> that shell. It is not a system-wide setting. I'm not 100% sure, but I 
> very much doubt that a ulimit executed by the shell that runs rc.local 
> will have any effect whatever on your evolution process.
You are right... I placed the command in rc.local but not effect on the
shell by wich I start evolution.
And also after the command on the shell, in another shell the limit is
still 1024.

> I agree with another poster further down (Gilboa Davara): there's no way 
> Evolution needs that many files. Fix the real problem, don't open a door 
> to more problems.
I think that problem is fixed on newer version of evolution, but no hope
to have it on fedora core 5, even if the new release is available from a
long time.
I will install fedora core 6 when I will be sure that upgrade works ok
for me.
I can't stay without working PC for a long time.


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