Problem Installing FC 6

R. G. Newbury newbury at
Thu Nov 2 14:48:57 UTC 2006

Subject: Problem Installing FC 6
A friend of mine is having a challenge installing core 6.
 >The disks pass the media check on both the target computer and another
 >Disk 1 installs properly yet when he loads disk 2 it informs him that
he has loaded the wrong disk.
He and I both downloaded from the same site about the same time and my
disks have worked so it is not the site and he is certain in both cases

If he used, K3B he may not have noticed that when using the 'Tools > 
Burn CD Image' selection, you have to  specifically select the iso you 
wish to burn *even if you have already selected it in the drag-n-drop on 
the main screen. When you select the CD Image tool, it immediately 
starts to run a MD5 sun check on the image and it is VERY easy to fail 
to notice that it is checking your last selected image: that is, DISK 1,

Been there, done that...



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