Is KDE on Fedora really that bad?

Mauriat Miranda mirandam at
Thu Nov 2 16:47:02 UTC 2006

On 11/2/06, Timothy Murphy <tim at> wrote:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > I'm using the Fedora-provided KDE, I don't see what the problems with it
> > are supposed to be. It works great for me.
> Same here.
> It is amazing that this long thread appears to be based on
> an apparent problem with KDE,
> but no-one as far as I can see has said what the problem is.

That's because everyone here is essentially comparing KDE on Fedora
with Gnome on Fedora. Not a problem with KDE, but specifically a
problem with Fedora's packaging of KDE.

The original author asked "As somone who has never tried anything but
Fedora, but love KDE, I need to I getting a raw deal without
knowing it?"

Who here has tried and compared both KDE on Fedora *AND* KDE on Suse,
on Kubuntu, on Mandriva, on Slackware, on Gentoo, on Debian? Would
those people please step up and say in no ambiguous terms what is
better about other distributions versions of KDE as opposed to KDE on

For example... I for one find KDE on Suse significantly more polished
than on Fedora. I liked the QT/KDE based utilities nicer than the GTK
apps on FC. I don't like on Fedora I could access certain applets out
of the box for Gnome but had to pull them from extras in KDE. Or that
I could access "Suspend" or "Hibernate" in the Gnome menu, but I
couldn't easily find them in KDE on FC (at least on FC5).

Obviously Fedora puts much more focus in Gnome than KDE. I am not
complaining, it is just a fact.

I am a Gnome user by the way.


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