mounting ext3 drive with R/W permission???

Joachim Backes joachim.backes at
Fri Nov 3 06:00:32 UTC 2006

Deepak Shrestha wrote:
> Hi,
> I had FC5 installed in first drive (hda). I have recently added the
> new 20GB (hdb) and created a one whole partition and formatted to ext3
> using GParted.
> my problem is
> ----------------------
> I can't mount the drive with the permission to write by other users.
> option1:
> =========
> my entry in fstab: (similar to mount my vfat partions)
> /dev/hdb1               /mnt/install            ext3
> rw,defaults,umask=0000 0 0
> ===========
> gives me bad supreblock error and doesn't mount at boot time
> option2:
> =========
> my entry in fstab: (similar to root main drive is mounted)
> /dev/hdb1               /mnt/install            ext3    defaults 1 1
> =========
> mounts the drive but what I can see inside the drive is "lost+found"
> folder which is locked and I can't do anything with it (as normal
> user).
> how do i mount this drive with write permission to other users.
> ===========
> this drive used to be "vfat" before, which was mounted and shared
> through samba. But I had problem writing to vfat partions from network
> (from windows machine to linux), usually some files get corrupted or
> hangs in the middle of writing (Samba problem???). As alternative I
> have to write the files first to my home folder (ext3) and then from
> there I have to transfer to vfat drives.
> so instead to doing these tedious things I just want to simply convert
> my drive to ext3 and share it as before so that I can write properly
> from network (windows mahcines) (which I think will work for me).
> ============
> Thanks


can it be that the mountpoint itself (/mnt/install) has no access for others?


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