fc6 install fail on HP ProLiant ML320 G4

GianPiero Puccioni gianpiero.puccioni at isc.cnr.it
Fri Nov 3 15:18:17 UTC 2006


I made some progress with my problem with the G3, which seems related to this 
thread. If I install with "linux noprobe" I can get to the installation screen 
with the only small problem that there is no Hard Disk to install to...
I tried some of the other driver for RAID but either the system hangs (with the 
AHCI that anaconda consider the proper one) or there is no HD.
I have no idea what exactly is the Adaptec that this machine has but it seems 
that probably we need a DD disk from HP or something like that. This is my case 
as I have two disk in a RAID 1 configuration, maybe with only one HD and 
disbling the RAID from the BIOS it will work with no driver or with one of the 
other, I didn't try yet.

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