evolution + maildir (OT)

Michal Janda diskuse at jndm.net
Sun Nov 5 09:47:35 UTC 2006

Lyvim Xaphir napsal(a):

>> If I understand well I need to configure two accounts: one as you have 
>> described above and also pop account which will receive mail and then I 
>> will redirect incoming mail to the maildir account, am I right?
>> Michal
> I just did this, that is correct.

Yes, I am stupid - Matt has written it at beginning:

> I collect my messages from my pop server and store them locally.  So I
> have one 'account' configured as a pop server.  I have another 'account'
> configured as an 'mh' "server", which uses local directories to store
> messages, one file per email.  I have incoming filter rules that take
> the pop mail and puts the mail into appropriate mh folders.


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