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Mon Nov 6 13:33:59 UTC 2006

On Mon, November 6, 2006 7:30 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 06 November 2006 13:13, steve at wrote:
>> Hello, Everyone
>> I am having this strange problem installing Fedora Core 6 on a system
>> that has an AOpen mainboard and about 384MB of RAM.  Here is where
>> things stand for now: 1. I ran sha1sum on the iso's on the machine that I
>> burned them on.  All appeared to be well. 2. I burned the images to cd's
>> (Memorex 52x media, though I burned all the
>> discs at 16x) 3. Took all the discs to the place where the system is
>> located.  Put disc 1 in the drive and rebooted, typing the following at
>> the prompt: "linux mediacheck ide=nodma" 4. Tested all 5 discs, all
>> passed except number 3.  I then proceeded to burn a new copy of that
>> disc.  Re-ran "mediacheck" on it (still booted with the ide=nodma
>> option) and it passed. 5. Rebooted the computer.  At the prompt I typed
>> the following: "linux ide=nodma" 6. Selected my packages and clicked the
>> appropriate button.  All still seems to be going fine.  No dependency
>> issues at all. 7. After clicking whatever button came next, the
>> installation appeared to proceed nicely.  Formatted all partitions that
>> I told it to format.
>> 8. Here's where things start to go bad. The following message pops up as
>>  expected: "Starting install process.  This may take several
>> minutes..." 9. Then I get a prompt to put in Disc 2, which I do.  Then I
>> am asked, in order, for discs 3-5. 10. Then I get a screen that is titled
>> "Exception Occurred"  It starts out
>> like this: "An unhandled exception has occured." 11. The main error,
>> repeated multiple times, reads something like this: "error: db4
>> error(-30974) from dbenv->open:DB_VERSION_MISMATCH:Database environment
>> version mismatch. error: cannot open Packages database in
>> /mnt/sysimage/var/lib/rpm"
>> This strikes me as kind of odd for three reasons:
>> a. The original iso's passed the sha1sum check. b. With ide=nodma
>> appropriately passed, 1,2 & 4,5 passed.  My re-try at burning disc 3
>> appeared to pass as well. c. The big thing that makes it seem odd:
>> installing Fedora usually works without any flaws whatsoever.  I even
>> have FC6 running on our system at home, installed from the same images
>> (hard drive install) So I'm not used
>> to this :)
>> I just had another idea, but I needed to get this down while I was
>> inspired.  I'll let you know what happened with my idea.
>> Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated,
>> Steven P. Ulrick
> When you were asked if you wanted to add any repos, did you opt to add
> Extras?
> Something similar happened to me.  I started again and didn't ask for
> Extras
> and all was fine.
> Anne

Hello, Anne
I figured it out. As soon as it gets done installing, I will go home and
explain it all to you.  The key was the path where the RPM database could
not be opened....

Steven P. Ulrick

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