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Mon Nov 6 18:46:12 UTC 2006

bruce wrote:
> i'm looking at doing a complete copy/restore of a drive. i want to copy the
> contents of a drive (or as much as possible) to a drive on another machine
> in the network.
> the 2nd machine on the 2nd network will be larger than the 1st drive. i want
> to then reformat/clean the 1st drive, and then copy the information from the
> 2nd drive back to the 1st machine.
> i'm looking at using partimage and wanted to know if anyone has any real
> experience using partimage.
> any thoughts/pointers would be helpful. i can't screw this up!!!

I am planning to do something similar. I wanted for try FC6 only my 
laptop, but didn't want to lose my current FC5 setup which is *almost* 
I have four partitions, root(hda2), boot(hda1), home(hda5) and 
data(hda6). Nothing would be changing in data, but I need to backup 
root, boot and home. I am thinking of booting with a knoppix CD and use 
DD to create images of hda1, hda2 and hda5. So if my laptop doesn't like 
FC6, I can write the images back on the partitions.
Any reasons why this won't work?
Vivek J. Patankar

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