KDE: 'safely remove' does not safely remove

Markku Kolkka markkuk at tuubi.net
Mon Nov 6 20:51:48 UTC 2006

Craig White kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika maanantai, 6. 
marraskuuta 2006 16:34):
> Expected behavior is for the user space auto mount when the
> USB pen drive is inserted and for it to be unmounted when
> 'safely remove' is chosen for that device. There should be no
> need to alter fstab or udev.

The problem I have seen is that the device icon on the KDE 
desktop changes immediately after "safely remove" to indicate 
that the device is unmounted and ready to be removed, but the 
system is actually still in the process of writing data to the 
device. If the device is removed too early, some files will be 
missing or the filesystem may be corrupted and there's no way to 
know when it's actually safe to remove it. 

 Markku Kolkka
 markku.kolkka at iki.fi

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