Two old problems with FC6

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Tue Nov 7 16:42:45 UTC 2006

I asked this before but now I have more information on two problems I am
having.  I am running FC6 on a really old machine (2000) so that may be
the major problem.

1. No sound card is found. I determined my sound card is a Creative Lab
Sound Blaster Live 512V card. This card has always worked in earlier
versions of Fedora. Is it possible it has dropped off the supported
list? What can be done to make it work?

2. When the machine is shutdown it produces all the correct shutdown
messages but the power does not shut off. Does anyone feel positive
about these possible actions to correct the problem.
a. Update the BIOS
b. See if acpid is turned off in the BIOS. I have not tried this yet but
the shutdown has always worked in previous versions of FC6.start
I received only silence when I asked this before. Has someone a
suggestion that I have not thought of other then hit the shutdown button
when necessary. Restart works.

I should reveal that after 50 years in the computer business (I started
before transistors were invented) I see my beating my head against
fedora problems as a prevention of Alzheimer's. Why would I want to
install Ubantu that someone told me just works. How dull.
Aaron Konstam <akonstam at>

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