FGLRX driver not being used

Tobias Bocanegra tobias.bocanegra at day.com
Wed Nov 8 08:59:25 UTC 2006

> I'm only running FC6 as a vmware guest.  However, you can try adding this to
> your xorg.conf to see if it helps.
> Section "Extensions"
>        Option      "Composite" "disable"
> EndSection

in FC6 (xorg7) they changed the default to enable the composite
extension. because they include compiz as window manager and they
don't want people to complain about stuff not working (i guess).

however the current ATI drivers (8.29.6) do not support composite
rendering at all, and even worse, if enable, DRI is disabled.

i have the same problem and the additional entry in xorg.conf worked
for me. but: no composite - no nice desktop effects :-(

regards, toby

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