Nvidia sucks, sucks, sucks !

Lonni J Friedman netllama at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 19:04:41 UTC 2006

On 11/9/06, Kim Lux <lux at diesel-research.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 19:44 +0100, Ingemar Nilsson wrote:
> > > Can you imaging what Linux hardware support would be like if we had
> > to do
> > > this for every piece of hardware on a PC ?
> >
> > It would be extremely bad, but happily that isn't the case.
> >
> So why do we tolerate it with so little pressure on Nvidia in this
> situation ?

This might come as an awful shock to you, but you're not an nvidia
customer.  You didn't purchase anything from nvidia.  You purchased a
notebook from whomever manufactured that notebook (the OEM).  The OEM
is NVIDIA's customer, as they purchased the GPU from them to integrate
into the notebook.  Hence, if you dislike something, you should:
* vote with your wallet
* complain to the OEM

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