Mounting USB devices with stable names

Phil Savoie psavoie1783 at
Fri Nov 10 18:10:04 UTC 2006

On November 10, 2006 12:56, Mike McCarty wrote:
> I have an issue which will shortly be important to me, though
> in past it has not been a problem. It appears to me that it
> may be a general problem in some ways.
> I have for some time used an external USB hard drive. I find that
> sometimes it must be mounted as /dev/sda1 and sometimes /dev/sde1,
> and have consequently made two entries in my /etc/fstab, and just
> live with what I have. This occurs even though the disc is always
> plugged into the same USB port.
> I now have a USB FLASH drive, and so this is going to be more
> of a problem, as I have different file systems on those, and
> have a need to specify the mount NOT to be "auto" to ascertain
> the fs type, since I am overriding the default for the FLASH
> drive. In any case, the FLASH drive is also not always appearing
> as the same device. I don't want to have to become root and
> fiddle /etc/fstab every time I try to mount the FLASH drive.
> I've seen others here with what appears to be a similar problem
> with running two ethernet ports, and not being able to know
> which will be eth0. I wonder whether this be related.
> In any case, would some please give me advice on how to handle
> the "floating" USB devices?
> Thanks very muchly for your time.
> Mike

Hi Mike,

You may want to read up here:

Hope this helps,


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