USB FLASH Drive LED doesn't change

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Fri Nov 10 19:10:05 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 10 November 2006 17:44, Mike McCarty wrote:
>>I recently purchased my first FLASH drive, specifically, the
>>Emprex 512MB with USB 2.0 interface. It has a small LED on it
>>which was specifically touted as giving the user indication of
>>when it is safe to remove the device. What I observe is that
>>there is indeed a small LED, which always glows red when the
>>device is plugged into a USB port. I am able successfully to
>>mount and unmount the device, but I see no change in the LED,
>>either with it turning off or turning green, or what.
>>Could some with more experience with such devices give me
>>more information? Is this something which only works with
>>MS products, or do I just not know what to look for? Or what?
>>Thanks for your time.
> It's brand-specific, I think.  My Disgo behaves like that, but my Acer 
> pendrive lights only during activity.
> Anne

Ditto here.

Watch the LED to see if it flashes when there is activity on the drive. 
  That may be the indication they are talking about.  Of course I have 
one drive that where the LED is, I cannot see it when plugged in on the 
Dell I use at work.  I found a bug in the umounting of USB drives due to 
Robin Laing

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