Link URL in a received mail in kmail does not open correctly in browser - any solution>

Andy Green andy at
Sun Nov 12 17:03:04 UTC 2006

Mike Cohler wrote:

> For some time now including in FC5 for a long while there has been an issue
> which I have not resolved.  I use Kmail, and if a mail is received that
> contains a url and the link is clicked then it will open Konqueror by
> default but the location bar shows that it is a kdecache file that
> opens and not the original link.
> If you change the file associations in the KDE control centre then it will
> open a different browser but still with the incorrect address.

Might be worth checking what is in the "Embedded" tab of File 
Associations as well as the general one.  It has KHTML as the top choice 
on that tab for text/html here and links in Kmail are working.


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