fglrx x86_64 FC6 hard system freeze?

Tom Horsley tomhorsley at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 12 19:50:06 UTC 2006

Once upon a time, back in FC5, one of the versions of fglrx
would totally freeze up my system when the X server exited,
or even if you just tried to get to the console window
via Ctrl-Alt-F1.

Recent versions of the FC5 fglrx don't have this problem,
so something was fixed.

Unfortunately, the latest livna fglrx for x86_64 FC6
has this problem again (sigh). Anyone have any recollection
of what the problem was and how it was fixed before?

My only work-around right now is to get into the system
via ssh from another computer and kill -9 the X server
and then run reboot. At least that shuts it down cleanly
instead of suddenly freezing up.

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