Problem moving cyrus IMAP4 mailboxes

Uno Engborg uno at
Tue Nov 14 00:07:14 UTC 2006

I'm trying to move my cyrus IMAP server (cyrus-imapd-2.2.10-3.fc3) to
another box (cyrus-imapd-2.2.12-3.RHEL4.1).

In cyradm there is a command called xfermailbox.

I have set supposed to do something like:


I have also set the allowusermoves: 1 in /etc/imapd.conf on the server
where I run the xfermailbox command.

but it doesn't work. I get the following message:

xfermailbox: Server(s) unavailable to complete operation

I suppose I should configure the cyrus imapd at
in some way to make it recieve my moved mailboxes. I'm also a bit
surprised that there doesn't seam to be anyplace to supply usernames and
passwords for the recieving server.

Any ideas on how to do this. 

Uno Engborg

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