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David G. Miller dave at
Tue Nov 14 05:38:32 UTC 2006

Andrew Robinson <awrobinson-ml at> wrote:

> I had wireless working well with ndiswrapper on FC4 on my laptop. I 
> installed FC6 on other partitions, made an unsuccessful attempt to 
> configure wireless with BCM43xx. When I rebooted into FC4, wireless had 
> stopped working. I've tried unloading and reloading the module, deleting 
> and reinstalling the driver. Nothing has seemed to work. One thing I 
> find curious and I have illustrated below, I cannot change parameters 
> with iwconfig. Can someone offer insight into what I might have done to 
> screw up my wireless and what I can do to fix it? (The wireless network 
> is working because my wife's PowerBook is working fine.)
> Thanks!
> Andrew Robinson
I had a similar problem with my HP Pavilion (zv6015).  I used the 
hardware wireless button to disable the wireless NIC under Windoze when 
I first got the system since I didn't have anything to connect it to 
wirelessly.  Once I got Linux installed and an AP, I was unable to bring 
the radio up until I booted the system to Windoze and hit the wireless 
switch.  Not sure if you could have somehow had this happen when running 
FC6.  This is completely a shot in the dark.


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