...but is nvidia any better?

Tom Horsley tomhorsley at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 14 23:05:55 UTC 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 07:19:21 -0800
"Lonni J Friedman" <netllama at gmail.com> wrote:

> nvnews.net is the unofficial forum for NVIDIA
> users.

Thanks - that's the main thing I needed. Having looked around
there some, I think maybe I'll make another attempt at
building my own opensource radeon driver that
lets me actually specify a ModeLine before I try nvidia. Of the
two sets of bugs I encounter with the different drivers, the
radeon driver is less deadly (the picture merely flickers off
rather than the system freezing up hard as a rock).

I think I do have a nvidia PCI (not PCIe) video card laying around.
I could always give that a try to check out the drivers before
I spring for a new PCIe card (of course, the drivers may work
different on the PCIe bus :-).

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