Getting close here folks! Looking good.

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Nov 15 21:24:43 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 12:13, Mike McCarty wrote:
>Les Mikesell wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 08:48 -0700, Craig White wrote:
>>>most people have the good sense not to run GUI as root
>> That makes GUI system administration tools kind of a dead
>> end, doesn't it?  Odd that the installer runs X these days
>> too..
>No, it doesn't. The GUI doesn't have to run with root privilege.
>It can run as an ordinary front end to command line commands,
>and prompt for the root password. Then it can run suid temporarily
>only from time to time as necessary.
>An installer and a running system connected to the 'net are two
>different things.

Yes, for those that worry, I have a router doing nat feeding the firewall, 
also doing nat to a different subnet.  No one has gotten past portsentry 
in 3 years, and only 3 attacks made it far enough in to get logged on the 

That linksys router and the firewall are about to be combined in the form 
of an x86 install of DD-WRT, running on a diskless box.

That of course doesn't protect me from my own stupidity, but thats a 
completely different horse I'd never place a bet on. :-)

>This message made from 100% recycled bits.
>You have found the bank of Larn.
>I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
>I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

Cheers, Gene
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