FC-6 disappointment on AMD Athlon64 3200+ machine

Kip Thomas kip.thomas at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 00:21:52 UTC 2006

sorry to butt in the conversation without going through all the facts.  when
i encountered hangs during install it's anaconda and rpm database
corruption.  do you see corruptions in the install log?

if you can't install packages then it will produce the appearance of hanging

On 11/12/06, Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:
> <whinge>
> So far I have tried to install FC-6 four times on this machine,
> and each time it has hung - the last time with 2 minutes to go,
> while installing kdeaccessibility.
> To avoid problems with CDs, I'm installing from hard disk.
> I shall try again, this time installing the absolute minimum -
> neither Gnome nor KDE, and not even X.
> If this works, I'll install what I want afterwards with "yum
> groupinstall".
> If it doesn't work, I'll probably go over to debian.
> I really don't think anaconda is a very reliable program.
> This machine has been running Windows XP and Linux for a couple of years
> without any problems, so I assume there is nothing wrong with the
> hardware.
> Incidentally, the log that is kept in /root is completely useless.
> It simply tells me that the last package I was installing
> was kdeaccessibility, which I already knew.
> </whinge>
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