XP + samba + CUPS = MESS

Jack Byers byersj at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 02:51:53 UTC 2006

Jack Byers     byersj at hotmail.com

Anne Wilson wrote

>Following Tim's instructions I used system-config-printer to install a raw 

>Maybe all this mess is caused by the oft-quoted problems of using cups and 
>system-config-printer.  I don't know.  All I do know is that it is a mess, 
>where it used to be fine.

So why are you using system-config-printer?,
why are you fussing with raw queues?

In my experience, as I detailed on an email to this list on nov13,
following exact advice from carla schroder linux cookbook ch 14
you shouldnt need to do anything re "raw"
you shouldnt need to do anything with system-config-printer.

Also, to get xp printing to a linux connected printer on your lan,
you dont need Samba either.  The text of your msg didnt say anything re 
but your subject heading  does.

I will give another quote from carla schroder's book, p 479,
where she shows how
"your Windows users to have access to Linux-connected printers in your Samba 
workgroups or domains."

Quote from end of that section:

Note that you can use a standalone CUPS pirnter server, without Samba, for 
both Windows and Linux clients(see ch14). However, you need Samba to make 
Windows printers available to Linux
With CUPS, sharing printers is much easier than it was sunder the old Sys V
or Berkeley systems.
You dont have to mess about with raw queues
or complexSamba shares.
Just install them in the usual manner via CUPS, add the
printers  share in Samba, and they will magically appear in Network 
Neighborhood on the Windows pcs.



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