Fedora 6: Printer configuration error

Grigory Klyuchnikov grn at ispras.ru
Fri Nov 17 13:05:41 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 17 November 2006 10:22, Grigory Klyuchnikov wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> On Friday 17 November 2006 08:56, Grigory Klyuchnikov wrote:
>>>> Hello!
>>>> I cannot configure FC 6 printers. The system-config-printer hanged after
>>>> start. The cups service is running, it automatically  find networks
>>>> printers, but print tasks aren't going to printers. What's up?
>>> Grigory, if you open the cups interface (localhost:631) on the server you
>>> should be able to see where the print jobs end up.  I'd be interested to
>>> see the answer.
>> Yes, I can see the print jobs, but don't see the results on the printers.
> Are they where you expected them to be?  Do you see any messages, like, for 
> instance, 'Sending file....'?
Oh, my cups caught a Suse Linux node's printers (his name's "shtopor"), 
for example printer "horse" has

    Horse <http://shtopor:631/printers/Horse> "Connecting to shtopor on
    port 631..."

<http://shtopor:631/printers/Horse> 	*Description:* HP 2300
*Make and Model:* HP LaserJet 2300 Postscript (recommended) on shtopor
*Printer State:* idle, accepting jobs, published.
*Device URI:* ipp://shtopor:631/printers/Horse

But why? I don't understand...


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