kwallet vs kmail, will somebody please shoot one of them?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Sun Nov 19 13:58:46 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 13:48, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Maybe something that you did copy is the cause of your woes, though.  You
> > seem to be the only one with your particular problems, which makes me
> > suspicious of those copies.
> I've certainly had problems with kwallet in the past.
> I see from my records that I last met this in January 2006 (was that FC-4?)
> when I wrote:
> -------------------------------------
> Apologies - I was right-clicking on the wallet in the task bar,
> which took me to KDE Wallet Manager,
> which appears to have no password option.
> But when I left click on the icon,
> I get a different window with the same name,
> but with a wallet icon on it.
> When I right-click on this icon,
> I am indeed offered an option to change the password.
> I have taken advantage of this to reduce the password to nothing.
> -------------------------------------
> I don't know if this is relevant to FC-6,
> as I have had no kwallet problem since then.
Yes, I too managed to corrupt the wallet once, but it was simple enough to 
delete that wallet and start a clean one.  That was in FC4, too, but I 
suspect a pebcak rather than release :-)

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