Enabling telnet

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Nov 19 15:48:46 UTC 2006

>> I have been, from the start.  But it's been far from clear what hte
>> original poster wanted.

Craig White:
> agreed except that he was specifically referring to port 9734 so it was
> clear that there was an intended purpose right from the start. It would
> be reasonable to assume that people don't go fishing to port 9734 for
> the halibut.

People do run servers on unusual ports, quite often for strange reasons.
Since he asked specifically about telnet, we had no reason to presume

> FC-5 is nearing EOL now (January ?), perhaps you should start testing
> FC-6

Looking at the mailing list, FC6 seems far from ready.  My own
experimenting with FC4 showed that it wasn't until about half way
through its life that it became good.  Observing a friend using FC5 for
some time before I started using it indicated to me that more time was
needed before FC5 became a sensible idea, and FC5 is still in a

I run several boxes, here.  The server still runs FC4, because my
experimenting with using FC5 on another box shows that it's not
practical to change over.  If it's not practical to move to FC5, even
after all this time, I seriously doubt that FC6 is going to be an
improvement this close to its initial release.

The time between release is too short.  The main bugs just get ironed
out before the end-of-life, then the baby gets thrown out with the
bathwater with the next release.  It's radically different, the mistakes
that were made have not been learnt.  Fedora keeps re-inventing the

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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