Java plugin and 64bit Firefox

Jamie Bohr jamiebohr at
Mon Nov 20 04:12:08 UTC 2006

We had a similare issue at work, we decided to only use the 32 bit version
of Firefox.  Works great and we have few issues.

On 11/17/06, Jeffrey Ross <jeff at> wrote:
> Here's the question, I'm running the x86_64 (Intel Pentium D - Dual
> core) of linux and I'm running the 64bit version of firefox.  I've
> gotten a bunch of plugins to work via the nspluginwrapper
> ( however I'm
> having problems with Sun's Java plugin.
> The 64 bit version has the following note one the 64 bit version:*
> Linux x64 download:* Please use the 32-bit version for Java applet and
> Java Web Start support.
> and I confirmed that there is no plugin included in the 64 bit version.
> The 32 bit version however will not run inside the 64 bit browser, I've
> even tried using the nspluginwrapper to no avail.
> Suggestions?
> Jeff
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